We are a division of Telenav, a leader in mobile location technologies for nearly 20 years. Together, we’ve pioneered the first navigation software available on mobile phones, created leading in-car location-based services, and developed one of the first programmatic location-based media platforms. Today, we continue to set new standards in location data technologies that connect people and brands.


Thinknear’s GeoType is a new pathway for brands to better understand people. As an additive lens to traditional marketing personas, GeoType is rooted in location intelligence, enhanced with offline and online behavioral data, and finally fed into Thinknear’s machine learning algorithm.

Using this entirely new approach, GeoType offers marketers a more granular and personalized view into their customers and their motivations and values.


Our Mobile Audience Panel (MAP) is drawn from people who willingly share their location data with Thinknear in exchange for features and better user experiences in their apps. This powerful data set provides a comprehensive picture of real-world behavioral patterns while also ensuring the quality and accuracy of our data. Better data means better insights and performance for marketers.


Our proprietary Location Score technology leverages advanced algorithms to capture only the most accurate and precise consumer location data, which drives campaign performance.

Deployed in every Thinknear campaign, our Location Score technology filters the largest location data sets in the mobile ecosystem to ensure accurate targeting and reliable analytics. Unlike other platforms, Location Score leverages real-world data from our own Mobile Audience Panel to verify the accuracy of our filtering systems with real people. As a division of Telenav, Thinknear provides the same level of location expertise that has been powering enterprise solutions for nearly 20 years.


Location is uniquely tied to mobile. Our Location-Based Advertising solutions include targeting based on proximity, context, and historical real-world behaviors for sharper audience segmentation.

Location context also includes time of day, neighborhood traits, landmarks, movement patterns, and even weather to improve both the user experience and effectiveness of the campaign.

We offer a full suite of location-based advertising solutions for both large-scale national campaigns and smaller-scale localized campaigns.


Visitor Insights is a powerful analytics tool that provides deep insights into the real-world movement patterns of consumers.

Where customers go is one thing, why they go is another. With Visitor Insights, marketers can uncover competitive, demographic, and affinity based patterns that enable better consumer understanding, better targeting, and better performance of mobile campaigns.


Through our parent company Telenav, we deliver branded, in-car experiences that help people find places to fuel up, eat, or shop. Currently, we’re working with four of the world’s top eight auto manufacturers on safe, driver-friendly marketing solutions in connected vehicles.

With more than 20 years of expertise in automotive, location, and media services, we’re uniquely positioned to create solutions for brands, agencies, and OEMs that want to engage consumers while they’re in their cars.


From objectives that range from foot-traffic to purchase intent, and from engagement to awareness, we can manage and measure it all.

We realize the value of tailoring measurement solutions for the unique needs of partners, and we will work with you to create a measurement model that best suits your campaign KPIs.


Get in touch, and we’ll get started. With a mix of our technologies, platform, and people, we’ll put together a solution that reaches your audience and your goals.

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