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The Secret to Killer Mobile Marketing Campaign Performance

Great marketers rely on trusted technology partners to deliver accurate, high-performing ad campaigns -- not just sometimes, but every time.

Is Mobile Location Data Truly Accurate if it’s Not Consistent?

Is accuracy without consistency truly accurate? The short answer for marketers: no, especially when it comes to mobile location-based ads.

Geolink: The First and Only Mobile Ad Platform with Built-in Location Accuracy Technology

Location-targeted ads have incredible value in reaching the right user at the peak of their consumer journey. But to achieve that value, the location data has to be accurate. Too often, it’s not.

5G: The Promise and Reality of 5G

5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication technology designed to operate in the higher frequency and low-range signal, therefore, promising a significant improvement in data transfer speed. Learn more about what 5G is, what's in it for users and marketers, and where we stand today.

Thinknear's GeoType

Thinknear’s GeoType is a revolutionary new method that allows marketers to understand and reach consumers on a new level.

Take a Bite out of our GeoCookie

Thinknear's GeoCookie targets mobile users based on historical location data. Take a bite out of our GeoCookie and learn more about how it is used, why it is important, and what are its benefits.

GeoVideo: Boosting Mobile Video with Location Intelligence

Mobile Video combined with GeoLocation's intelligence deliver data-driven video ads layered with customer context - offering a highly powerful platform that drives higher engagement and completion rates.

Geolink: The First Self-Serve Mobile Platform to Include Location Score

Geolink is a comprehensive but easy to use solution for campaign planning, laser-focused targeting, real-time optimization, and detailed reporting.

Top 5 Soccer Counties in the U.S.

The U.S. didn't make it to this year's World Cup, but the American soccer fans will be following and watching the "Russian 2018" games along with 3.4 billion others around the world.

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