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Take a Bite out of our GeoCookie

Thinknear's GeoCookie targets mobile users based on historical location data. Take a bite out of our GeoCookie and learn more about how it is used, why it is important, and what are its benefits.

GeoVideo: Boosting Mobile Video with Location Intelligence

Mobile Video combined with GeoLocation's intelligence deliver data-driven video ads layered with customer context - offering a highly powerful platform that drives higher engagement and completion rates.

Geolink: The First Self-Serve Mobile Platform to Include Location Score

Geolink is a comprehensive but easy to use solution for campaign planning, laser-focused targeting, real-time optimization, and detailed reporting.

Top 5 Soccer Counties in the U.S.

The U.S. didn't make it to this year's World Cup, but the American soccer fans will be following and watching the "Russian 2018" games along with 3.4 billion others around the world.

How In-Store Shopping Stacks Up Against Amazon

In January 2018, immediately following the holiday shopping season, Thinknear conducted a digital survey of more than 1,000 Amazon shoppers to learn where brick and mortar fits in and what are the driving factors for in-store vs. e-commerce.

How to Best Serve Taxpayers

Tax filers can generally be broken into two groups: those who use a digital tax service to efile on their own and those who enlist the help of a tax professional. Learn how to target each group with location-based tactics and insights.

Let's Go to the Movies

Valentine’s Day is a historically busy evening for movie theaters. In 2017, consumers spent $3.8 billion on an evening out. Target the crowds this Valentine’s Day with GeoFence, GeoCookie, and GeoAudience tools.

3 Ways Location-based Ads Influence Diners

From online ordering to the rise of food halls to the latest menu trends, the restaurant business is constantly transforming. Competition has become fiercer, so attracting first-time diners and encouraging repeat business is more important than ever. Mobile technology now enables a restaurant to draw in customers by leveraging one of its most basic assets — location.

3 Reasons To Kick Your Extended Holiday Mobile Advertising Into High Gear

As consumers spend more time on mobile devices to meet their holiday needs, research indicates that people are also searching for and purchasing gifts much earlier and later in the year. Here are three compelling reasons to kickstart your mobile advertising strategy well ahead of the peak holiday season.

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